In Germany judged the former warden of the concentration camp

В Германии судят бывшего надзирателя концлагеря

In Germany began the trial of former SS officer. He is accused of involvement in hundreds of murders that took place in the Stutthof concentration camp from June 1942 until September 1944, when he served there as a guard. He is now 94 years old, and at that time was less than 21 years, so the case is considered by the juvenile court. The defendant claims that the murders were not involved and none of them did not know, and denies his guilt.

The co-plaintiffs in this case were made by the relatives of those killed in Stutthof. They are allowed to be present in the courtroom. According to their lawyer, they strive to achieve justice: “To them it is not about to be sent to prison and forced to suffer the 94-year-old man and about to get a little justice.”

“My grandmother’s whole life is dedicated to to tell their story, – said one of the co-plaintiffs. – And this court – another terrific way to convey her story to the people that they learned about the Holocaust. Here now justice is being done”.

The former warden of the concentration camp lived in the West of Germany. He was able to calculate based on camp documents. Now he faces imprisonment.

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