In Germany, recorded the maximum decline in production in the postwar period

В ФРГ зафиксирован максимальный спад производства за послевоенный период

The pandemic coronavirus industrial production in Germany in April fell by a quarter compared to the April period last year. Most slump has affected the automotive industry.

In April of the current year in the German industry recorded a maximum of SPAD post-war history. Compared with March, production in the real sector in April fell by 17.9 percent, was announced on Monday, 8 June, the Federal statistical office. Compared to April last year, industrial production dropped by 25.3 percent.

This development is associated with the restrictive measures introduced in the country in late March to fight the epidemic of the coronavirus. The role played by the stop of the conveyor for a few weeks at most automotive companies, resulting in a drop in production in the automotive industry in April reached 74.6 percent. The production of industrial semi-finished products fell by 13.8 per cent, consumer goods by 8.7 per cent, industrial machinery – by 35.3 percent. The least affected construction sector (-4,1 percent).

In industry, export-oriented, in April, orders fell by 25.3 percent compared to March. The company expects that in the next three months trade will continue to decline, but at a slower pace. The appropriate barometer of the Munich ifo Institute for economic research in may has changed from -51 to it is 21.4 points. As noted by the ifo expert Klaus Wohlrabe (Klaus Wohlrabe), is the highest growth rate since the reunification of Germany, but it only means that the recession dramatically slowed.

The negative trend in the real sector of German economy started in February when compared with the previous month production decreased by 9.2 percent and continued in March (-8,9 per cent).