In Germany, spoke about the desire of the Germans to get closer to Russian

В Германии рассказали о желании немцев сблизиться с русскими

Most of the inhabitants of East Germany in favor of closer ties with Russia, writes the German journalist Kerstin Decker in an article for Der Tagesspiegel.

According to surveys referenced by the author of the article, 72% of East Germans have a positive attitude towards Russia and Russians and would like to improve relations between the two countries. Among West Germans this position is shared by 54% of respondents.

As suggested by Decker, this is because the economy (so called the inhabitants of the former GDR) “better understand Russia”, as well acquainted with its culture. In addition, East Germany is much less supporters of anti-Russian sanctions, as the East Germans better know Russian and are sure that “external pressure contributes to internal cohesion”. The negative people in Germany is also that the “arrogant West” dictates how they live.

The unification of Germany took place 3 October 1990, after the destruction of the Berlin wall. After that, the GDR, were part of the socialist camp, became part of Germany. However, residents of the Eastern and Western parts of Germany still informally referred to as “Ossi” and “Vessey”, in particular, due to some differences in mentality.

Ruposters as written, informed the German government has warned citizens about the “dangers” of using Russian FaceApp application, which enables using neural technologies of editing to do different conversions with them. Prior to that, about such a “threat” warned the US authorities.