In Germany, the girl scratched the forty-car beauty

В Германии девочка поцарапала сорок автомобилей для красоты

In Germany found a malicious bully who left some scratches almost 40 cars.

The offender was a little girl, reported on the website of the police Department of the country.

In Zwickau, local motorists bothered by an unknown vandal, who left the scratches on the cars. From 21 to 27 April, has damaged 37 vehicles. The amount of damage amounted to about 30 thousand euros.

Law enforcement officers investigating cases of property damage, and as a result they were able to track down and catch the culprit. They found a seven year old girl.

Little troublemaker guilt did not deny, she admitted that drew the stones on the vehicles of snowflake. Thus, it makes the car more beautiful.

According to her, she did not realize that it does harm. Now parents of young connoisseur of beauty will reimburse material damage.