In Germany, the ruffian scratched 642 car for a million euros

В Германии хулиган поцарапал 642 автомобиля на миллион евро

The court of the German city of Schweinfurt began a trial against 26-year-old local resident, who is accused of causing damage to 642 vehicles. This writes the newspaper Deutsche Welle.

According to prosecutors, the bully scratched hundreds of cars with the help of some sharp object in the period from February to April 2018. The perpetrator acted in three cities – Schweinfurt, würzburg and Pitchengine. The total damage exceeded 930 thousand euros.

To catch criminals, the police created a special task force with the code name “Sarapatel paint”. Police arrested him with the tool in hand at the beginning of April 2018.

Initially, the Prosecutor accused the defendant of causing damage to more than 1,700 vehicles with a total cost of 2.3 million euros. However, the court reduced the number of scratched cars due to the impossibility of proving the guilt of most of the cases.