In Germany they want to overturn the traditional carnivals in November

В Германии хотят отменить традиционные карнавалы в ноябре

The country has cancelled all public events until October.

The traditional carnivals in Germany in November called into question because of COVID-19.

This was stated at a briefing following the meeting with colleagues from 15 Federal States of Germany and Chancellor Angela Merkel, Prime Minister of Bavaria Marcus Seder.

“We are very sensitive in this matter, so during fishing-carnival (traditional carnival week in Germany before lent – ed.) in Bavaria through Austria from the EU has been a significant development of infection. After the holidays will be discussed further at the question of what to do next. But, for example, most believe that the carnival celebrations in November rather questionable,” said Seder.

He recalled that Germany has cancelled all public events until October. At the same time, he clarified that the issue for carnival, which traditionally takes place in Germany in November – will be addressed later.

In particular, cancelled the electronic music festival Ultra March 5-6 in Abu Dhabi at the Du arena with a capacity of 25 thousand spectators and a concert on 21 March K-pop Music Bank in Dubai for the Coca Cola Arena with a capacity of 17 thousand spectators were canceled. There were also abolished women’s forum and the yoga festival in Abu Dhabi and the carnival in Dubai festival Hindu Holi, and a concert of American rapper Russ has been moved from March 27 to Nov.

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