In Gongong the police used tear gas to protest

В Гонгонге полиция применила слезоточивый газ на акции протеста

Riot police blocked the protesters trying to come to the government building

Another demonstration of the opponents of the law of extradition in Hong Kong escalated into serious clashes with the police. About it writes “Radio Freedom”.

It is noted that on 21 July, the protesters tried to reach the building of the local government, but they were met by hundreds of riot police. Police began to push back the crowd, spraying tear gas and turning on the sirens. Local press reports that also shot at demonstrators with rubber bullets, and they began to pelt police with bottles, bricks, sticks and umbrellas.

In addition, on July 21 evening on the subway train, which drove the protesters was attacked by unknown persons, armed with sticks. They deliberately chose the people in black shirts worn by the demonstrators. Parliamentary opposition is outraged that the police did not protect residents, and not made the arrests.

From mid-June to about 2 million people took part in protests against the law on extradition provides for the extradition of suspects in crimes outside of Hong Kong. The protests forced the government to suspend consideration of the bill, but the opposition demands to withdraw it from Parliament.