In Google Chrome you can share links to a specific word in the text

В Google Chrome можно будет поделиться ссылок на конкретное слово в тексте

In the Google Chrome browser are planning to implement the ability to share a link to a specific word or sentence on a web page. Technically, it is like the ability to specify the time from which to playback the video on YouTube.

Technically, the idea is to encode the relevant text directly into the address bar. Similarly, some enthusiasts manage to encode different data

The feature is called “Inclusion of reference to the text fragment”. The corresponding commit has already added to the database Chromium. While the opportunity is available as source code on GitHub, but in future we expect the appearance of this feature in the browser. It is expected that it will appear in the imminent update to Chrome Canary.

While it is difficult to say whether this feature was added to Firefox. In other Chromium-based browser, it certainly integrate, including in a future build of the Microsoft Edge.