In Google Maps, a speedometer: how it works

В Google Maps появился спидометр: как это работает

Almost every driver uses the Navigator during trips. That is why many developers of mapping applications are seeking to add to the usual guide additional features, and Google Maps is no exception.

For those drivers who drive more than 5 years, the speedometer in the Navigator is not news. The first inhabitants of our country got acquainted with him in the application “Yandex Navigator”, who was one of the most convenient at the time. However, in connection with the ban of Russian services on the territory of Ukraine, the majority of motorists have switched to alternative apps, the best of which was Google Maps. Now the app launched, the speed measurement function, which in addition to main functions the auxiliary performs. It is reported by Auto Informant with a link to Android Police.

In the Navigator, Maps Google in test mode launched a speedometer, which is located in the bottom corner of the screen. Apart from displaying constant vehicle speed, the program analyzes the road on which moves the vehicle and warns the driver of excessive speeds. Now this function is only available to users a beta version of the app. It is also noted that it does not support Android Auto.

New features can be enabled in the application settings in the section “navigation Settings”. They are already available in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, India, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Taiwan, UK and USA. This means that Google chooses gradual implementation functions and, in a short time, it should appear in other countries.

В Google Maps появился спидометр: как это работает