In Haiti in the fire at the orphanage killed 17 children

На Гаити в пожаре в детском доме погибли 17 детей

In one of the orphanages in the Haitian capital Port-AU-Prince broke out a serious fire, the flames engulfed two floors of the building. The fire, departed this life, at least 17 children.

According to local doctors, two kids burned alive and the other died in a medical facility due to the fact that they have started to have problems with the respiratory system. As said the witnesses of the tragedy, the children who suffered during the fire was very weak at the moment, when they were transported to the hospital.

As has told the employee of the orphanage, rose-Marie Louis, she saw the bodies of 13 children who were carried from the building. She also said that firefighters tried to get to the scene about 1.5 hours. According to preliminary data, the orphanage broke out because of the candles used to illuminate the building. As it turned out, the building had problems with the generator, so they turned off the light.

Information about how old was the dead children, everywhere is different. Some say that half of those killed were very small, and the rest was approximately 10 years. But the doctor Baptist hospital said that the dead children were from 3 to 18 years.

At the same time, the officer of the civil protection Jean-françois Roberti said that rescuers arrived on motorcycles. While they did not have oxygen cylinders or ambulances to take children to a medical facility.

“They could have been saved, but we had no equipment,” – said one of the rescuers.

The staff of the orphanage also believe that the scene inside the burnt building, still lie two bodies.

It turns out that the source of the fire was on the first floor of the orphanage. Unfortunately, all the rooms, which were on the first floor burned down completely. After the fire spread through the first floor, it spread to the second floor.

According to the staff of the orphanage, the building can accommodate 66 children. We also know that it is located in Kenscoff, the commune at the foot of the ridge, approximately 10 km South-Eastern from the capital of Haiti.