In Hobbitgirl in the Carpathian region will be allowed only organized tourists

В Хоббитхилл на Прикарпатье будут пускать только организованных туристов

In Verkhovyna district of Ivano-Frankivsk region decided to close for a free visit to the fabulous town of Hobbitgirl – tourists will be taken only in groups.

This was reported by one of the authors of the project Andrey boyechko on his page in Facebook.

“Today (June 8 – ed.) decided to close the city (Hobbitgirl – ed.) for visitors. There are several reasons. I’m sorry, but other output I do not see. Each day 100-150 people and to follow them we can’t. From 13 June, run only official tourist group who will be responsible for its tourists,” wrote boyechko.

According to him, the Central clearing of Hobbitgirl planted grass and flowers. At the same time, the first visitors of the newly-established fairytale town, which was more than 100, trampled part planted. In addition, one woman went to a local swamp and sprained my ankle.

Also named among the reasons for the closure of the town to visit the fact that the road is very narrow – for one car. “Now, two hot guys missed me. Accidents we do not need” – said boyechko.

In addition, the administration of Hobbitgirl decided to prohibit the entrance of people in a state of alcoholic intoxication due to another incident with the first visitors.

Therefore, to enter the territory of the capital of the Ukrainian fairy country, which the initiators of the project built in the capital of Hutsulshchyna – Verkhovyna, only by travelers, tourist groups from 13 June.

Several travel agencies were asked to assess the trip in Hobbitgirl at 100 UAH, and the organizers agreed. Children up to 12 years can visit the town free of charge.

As reported, the presentation fabulous town Hobbitgirl the Carpathian mountains, is scheduled for early may had to be postponed because of the pandemic coronavirus. For new tourist locations completed the construction of the second phase. A third plan to start in the fall.

Hobbitgirl strives to combine a story with a real Hutsul. The city will have its own flag, anthem, customs, the army, the court, the gendarmerie, the media and even email. There will constantly be work sports and tourism instructors, hut, toboggan run and ski trails, a track for zorb, bungee jumping and many other attractions for children. Individual decoration of the city will be a lake with trout and sturgeon.

To build a fabulous town decided after the adoption of the state program of development of the Carpathians.