In Hong Kong again clashes between police and demonstrators

В Гонконге снова начались столкновения между полицией и демонстрантами

Today in Hong Kong, where he began the celebration of the 22nd anniversary of the passage under the jurisdiction of China, the police used tear gas and batons against the demonstrators who tried to prevent the ceremony. This publication reports the Hong Kong Free Press.

Hundreds of protesters once again occupied the main roads in the city, began to build barricades.

After clashes with the police, there are wounded among the protesters, the hospital was also 13 law enforcement officers, the magazine writes.

In the end, the ceremony of flag raising was held without the presence of the public. The Hong Kong authorities explained this “bad weather”.

The Hong Kong protests began in early June, when hundreds of thousands of protesters took to the streets of Hong Kong against a law that will allow the extradition of people in China. Until recently the Hong Kong authorities refused to extradite their own nationals to mainland China because of the opacity of the legal system and the widespread use of the death penalty. However, in early 2019, the city government has announced that it will grant extradition in China, Macau and Taiwan.

Opponents of the bill stormed the barricades at the Legislative Council. The police used against the protesters rubber bullets, gas and batons.

The law could take on June 12. Supporters of the bill saw it as a tool to combat transnational crime. His many detractors said that distrust the judicial system of China.

The Hong Kong government indefinitely suspended the consideration of amendments to the extradition law in China amid mass protests.

On 16 June, protesters again took to the streets. They insisted on the resignation of the head of administration of Hong Kong Carrie Lam, some participants called for the head of the city administration to apologize for the appearance of such a bill.

She later apologized and promised to continue “sincerely and meekly” accept criticism from residents.

June 17 protesters were released the main roads of the city.