In Hong Kong in clashes after protest dozens of people were injured

В Гонконге в столкновениях после акции протеста пострадали десятки человек

Among the victims are journalists

In Hong Kong a group of people armed with sticks attacked the protesters, who were returning on the subway after mass protests from the city centre, injuring at least 36 people. About it reports broadcasting company RTHK, citing figures from authorities.

It is indicated that the attack occurred at the metro station Yuen Long (Yinglun) on the Northern edge of Hong Kong. It is emphasized that one of the victims is in critical condition and four people were hospitalized with serious injuries. Moreover, among the victims are journalists.

Another video clip circulated online shows the men in white beat up a man in black – the colour usually wears extraditionbill by protesters – before some of them attack the reporters witnessing the assault. – Stella Lee (@StellaLeeHKnews) July 21, 2019

According to the newspaper South China Morning Post, the attack was made by a group of people in white shirts. At the time police arrived at the scene the suspects in the attack escaped. The footage, posted on social networks, you can see how people attacked and inside the train standing at the station in the subway.

A live video clip shows passengers on board a train screaming in fear as a group of armed men in white, wave their rods at them at Yuen Long MTR station. – Stella Lee (@StellaLeeHKnews) July 21, 2019

Recall, the police in Hong Kong on Sunday fired tear gas and rubber bullets on anti-government protests to disperse the protesters. So, hundreds of thousands of people gathered on July 21 to protest demanding the authorities to implement democratic reforms and to investigate violence by police.

It was reported that the security forces resorted to such actions after the protesters refused to stop at a certain point, continuing to move towards the Central state institutions of China.

Informed RBC-Ukraine wrote that the authorities had blocked the center of the city, and order has provided about 5 thousand militiamen. The police shortened the route of the demonstration, referring to the riots that occurred in past protests.