In Hungary, the court allowed to take from the families of non-vaccinated children

В Венгрии суд разрешил забирать из семей не привитых детей

In Hungary, amid the measles outbreak there was a problem of so-called “antirevisionist”. Families sometimes refuse to vaccinate children, and that minors are vulnerable to dangerous diseases.

In the circumstances the country’s constitutional court took a categorical decision: parents may not justify antivaccination views of vaccine refusal. In this case, may not apply the argument about freedom of conscience and religion, misleading “Facts”.

In Hungary at the state level found that parents with antivaccination views are secured. The child protective services have the right to inspect such families and seeing the threat to remove children from the family. Attempt to seek a review of this provision in the constitutional court failed.

In the final verdict of the constitutional court stipulates that “parental rights may be restricted in case of refusal of compulsory vaccination of children without legal justification”. On the other hand, by the same decision, the judge ruled that such a measure as the restriction of parental rights may be only temporary.