In Iceland found ancient home to the Vikings

В Исландии найден древнейший дом викингов

Archaeologists will probably manage to find an ancient Viking settlement in Iceland. “Summer house” was built in 800 years, a few decades before the advent of the Vikings on the island, reports Live science. Structure found near the village outside the fjord STO? varfjor? ur,

According to archaeologists, the ancient building hid under the younger house, in which were found artifacts. “Younger home – most abundant, found in Iceland at the moment. It is hard to disagree that this is the home of the leader,” – said the archaeologist Bjarni Einarsson.

The length of the house was 75 meters, width six meters. He had a long wooden room, covered with straw. Probably, the house was used by several families. In the center of the room were a stone pockets lit bonfires. Here they could keep livestock.

Younger structure was built in 875 year – around the time when it is believed the Vikings came to Iceland. According to Icelandic legends, these people had fled from the Norwegian king Harald Fairhair. The house was “the most valuable treasure of beads and silver coins ever found in Iceland”. In particular, archeologists found Roman and middle Eastern silver coins, as well as “scars” – bent pieces of silver that were used as money.

During the excavation of a more ancient structure, with a length of 40 meters, also found artifacts: beads, glass, rings, kettlebells and a small ingot of gold. Probably the people who lived there, got these items, selling skins and meat of whales and seals.

Scientists believe that the house, built in 800 years, was a seasonal shelter in which they lived during the summer and possibly early autumn. Then it turned into a permanent home.

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