In Iceland the elections were won by incumbent President with a score of 92%

В Исландии на выборах победил действующий президент с результатом в 92%

In Iceland on Saturday, 27 June, presidential elections were held. As expected the results of opinion polls, won a landslide victory by the incumbent President Gudni Johannesson, ahead of his competitor by 84 percent.

The turnout was 66.9%, according to Euronews.

Gudni a historian by training, to win the election in 2016, has taught at the University of Iceland. In the country he is known for his commitment to LGBT and also cleaning the garbage near his home.

His opponent was an extreme right politician &1168;ogmundur Franklin Jonsson, who calls himself a supporter of U.S. President Donald trump. During his campaign, he advocated the expansion of presidential powers.

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