In India, 500-year-old sunken temple began to rise out of the water

В Индии 500-летний затопленный храм начал подниматься из воды

Residents of the state of Odisha in Eastern India have reported an unusual phenomenon. An ancient Hindu temple, flooded about 200 years ago, it again appeared above the water.

According to the Daily Mail, the building erected 500 years ago in honor of the God Vishnu, which once stood on the banks of the Mahanadi river. But after heavy rains in the eighteenth century the flow has changed its direction. And the temple, and several surrounding villages were completely hidden under its waters, reports

It is noted that the temple has long been considered lost. The locals no longer remembered its location, and the search for the Indian National trust for art and cultural heritage (INTACH) did not give result. But a few days ago, the water level in Mahanadi has fallen very low, and on the surface seemed the spire of the monument of architecture. Eyewitnesses noted that the structure almost completely disappeared under the river sediments and can be seen only the upper part – this is probably why attempts to find it were unsuccessful.

Experts from INTACH said that the height of the temple is about 18 meters. He was among the seven villages, which had a common name of Satipatthana.

“Somewhere between 1830 and 1850, after the catastrophic floods, the river began to change its course and flooded the village. The residents left the home and the temple, taking out only the idol of Vishnu. In 1855 he built a new temple, where he placed the relic – it still exists today. The old Church was absorbed by the river and gradually turned out to be in the middle of the stream”, – told the experts.

Scientists believe that the temple was perfectly preserved, as Il protects it from destruction. According to their calculations, about 15 meters in just an 18-meter high building is covered with sediment, and only 3-3,5 meters remained open.