In India began a mass evacuation because of the approaching cyclone

В Индии начали массовую эвакуацию из-за приближения циклона

The storm should reach the coast of India on Friday

On the Eastern coast of India on Wednesday, 1 may, the evacuation of hundreds of thousands of villagers, and also stopped work at two major ports due to an impending cyclone, which need to come down to the shore on Friday. About it reports RBC-Ukraine with reference to Reuters.

It is reported that in the state of Odisha has moved thousands of employees for managing disasters, which should help the villagers to take shelter from a severe cyclone storm Fanny.

The special representative of the state aid declared that they shall make all possible efforts to inform residents about the approaching cyclone and withdraw them from vulnerable areas to shelters.

Also, the authorities advised tourists to leave the coastal temple town of Puri, which is a very popular place among pilgrims.

To the port authority Paradime and while Visakhapatnam has ordered all vessels out to sea to avoid potential damage during the storm.