In India premature girl mom put in a jar and buried alive

В Индии недоношенную девочку мама положила в кувшин и закопала заживо

In India the baby girl, which the mother put in a pot and buried alive, on the mend. The child’s body was found in October this year. This was told by the doctor newborn in comments to the BBC.

This girl randomly found a farmer who came to bury the body of his newborn daughter. Though the burial rites of Hindus and provides for cremation, the dead children are often buried.

From the words of the farmer to bury the daughter he dug a hole somewhere 90 cm, when his shovel, tripped over the pitcher. From light hitting the boat crashed, and he heard crying. It turned out that inside was a baby.

The girl was in the hospital with a blood infection and a critically low platelet count. She also suffered from hypothermia and hypoglycemia. Her weight was 1.1 kg, and limbs were killing me. The doctors say that she was born around the 30th week of pregnancy.

However, as of December 3, the weight of the baby was already of 2.57 kg and a condition satisfactory – the child is developing normally and does not suffer from any severe diseases.

After a certain waiting period for parents of a child required by law, it will be up for adoption. Now the baby is under the care of the state government, which is.

Relative to parents in October opened criminal proceedings and began their search. According to investigators, the girl was deliberately buried alive to get rid of. After all, if they thought she was dead, after wide publicity be sure to have taken.

Investigators have no motives of parents is not known, however it should be noted that baby girls in India are often killed. They are considered a burden, especially for poor families, so they want to get rid of.

As a result, for population equality the population of India lack of about 20 million. This situation is one of the worst in the world.

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