In India, the motorcycle caught fire when handling sanitizer (VIDEO)

В Индии мотоцикл загорелся при обработке санитайзером (ВИДЕО)

Every motorcyclist knows that you have to be careful with a hot engine, for example, at a gas station to make sure that not a drop of fuel hit the hot engine parts.

Any flammable liquids in this sense are dangerous. Alas, this is not considered the employees of municipal services to handle the vehicle in Ahmedabad, the largest city (about 6 million inhabitants) in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Measures to counter the spread of the coronavirus in India stepped so far that in some States the authorities decided to handle the vehicle with steripod. It just so happened that a big part of the Indian fleet is motorcycles, and sanitizer contains alcohol.

From these pictures you can see that the solution is ignited from falling even on the motor and the exhaust muffler. Apparently, the fluid was very flammable, and only by some miracle there were no casualties.