In Intel discovered a new vulnerability: how to avoid data leakage

В процессорах Intel обнаружили новую уязвимость: как избежать утечки данных

Cybersecurity experts have discovered a new risk to computer owners with Intel processors. Using ZombieLoad vulnerability attackers can remotely steal someone else’s data.

What’s the problem? As reported 4PDA, Intel confirmed the existence of vulnerability ZombieLoad and told me that she has four errors in the microcode of the processor.

Hacking give all personal computers and cloud servers based on Intel chips that were released starting in 2011. On devices with AMD processors, this problem does not apply.

How does malicious code? The essence ZombieLoad is the implementation of the attack on the processor by feeding large amounts of information, which he is not able to handle. To prevent failure of the chip addresses to the microcode, performing the restart. One of the mistakes allows in this moment to get access to all the data that is processed by the processor cores. When the normal work apps have access only to their own data.

What is the danger from the virus? Using ZombieLoad attackers can see which sites the user is viewing in real time, steal his passwords, access tokens of payment systems and to capture other valuable information. However, the person needs to download to your computer infected software and run it.


Security measures. Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon and other large corporations have already started distributing updates that protect against ZombieLoad. Intel has also released the corresponding patches for all affected processors.

The company noted that included in the firmware fix will clear the buffer of CPU in case of overload, thus preventing access by malicious software to data of other apps.

How to protect yourself from data leaks? To ensure the safety of the users of macOS should be updated to version 10.14.5 that contains all of the necessary corrections. Microsoft also released the corresponding patch for Windows users via Windows Update.

If you disabled automatic installation of updates, you should enable this option or download a new version of microcode for Intel processors with special Microsoft.

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