In Iran, a powerful explosion occurred, authorities say gas leak. AP writes that exploded a secret military facility

В Иране произошел мощный взрыв, власти говорят об утечке газа. AP пишет, что взорвался секретный военный объект

June 26, near Tehran there was a powerful underground explosion, then the residents of the Iranian capital, watching the glow.

In social networks posted a video of an unusual glow in the mountains.

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Press Secretary of the Ministry of defence Dawood Abdi said that the cause of the explosion was a gas leak from underground storage facilities, reported the state news Agency IRNA. According to him, the damage to one tank caused the detonation, then blew two neighbors.

The incident occurred in a mountainous deserted area, no one was hurt, the fire was soon extinguished, assured the speaker.

Sources Associated Press, based on satellite images say that burnt a huge area in the center Hodir, where, according to Western intelligence, is secret Iranian missile object. In the mountains there are many tunnels, in which the Assembly of missiles, told the Washington Center for strategic and international studies.

In the same area is a military base at Parchin, where the IAEA suspected, about 20 years ago experiments were conducted with components of nuclear weapons.

The reaction of military officials of Iran to an industrial accident, was unusual, said the interlocutors of the Agency.

20 July 2015, the UN Security Council has approved an agreement aimed at limiting Iran’s nuclear program in exchange for lifting of sanctions. Tehran has ensured that refuse from the idea of creating nuclear weapons. In 10 years, in the case of the implementation of Iran nuclear agreement, all restrictions and conditions contained in the resolution the UN had to stop the action.

16 January 2016 the European Union and the United States, and all countries and organizations that participated in the negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, announced the lifting of financial and trade restrictions with Iran. This happened after the publication of the report of the International atomic energy Agency, which stated that Iran has fulfilled all the terms of the agreement providing for the freezing of its nuclear programme.

However, in may 2018, the US President, Donald trump declared that the United States out of a Joint comprehensive plan of action on Iran, believing it to be “catastrophic”. According to trump, Tehran deceived the world community, by hiding the continuation of research in the field of nuclear weapons.

6 August 2018 trump has signed a decree, which renewed sanctions against Iran in force prior to the signing of the nuclear deal. The States subjected to sanctions of legal entities and individuals believed to be involved in missile program Tehran.

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