In Israel, covered by the fabric of the LGBT flag and provoked the wrath of the USA

В Израиле прикрыли тканью ЛГБТ-флаг и вызвали гнев США

In Jerusalem the municipality, which is one of the buildings of the American Embassy, covered the banner with the image of the LGBT flag, reports The Times of Israel.

The order of cover fabric banner, which called for tolerance towards LGBT community, gave one of the employees of the city of Moses Lyon. The mayor called such an act a subordinate “embarrassing mistake.”

This situation caused a negative reaction on the part of Americans. In particular, one of the staff of the Embassy called the move an attack on the sovereignty of the United States. “While the Ambassador Friedman advocated annexation to the US, you decided to invade our sovereign territory?” – he said and recalled the plan of the Israeli authorities to Annex the lands of the West Bank.

Earlier, the President of Poland Andrzej Duda called LGBT “a more destructive ideology than communism”.