In Italy, a rapidly growing number of those infected with the coronavirus of people

В Италии стремительно растет число инфицированных коронавирусом людей

In Italy, a rapidly growing number of cases of human infection with coronavirus COVID-19. Reporters found that “FR s” for our last night in the province of Lombardy were revealed 89 media infection.

According to Sky TG24, the situation in the region, said the Governor Attilio Fontana. According to him, in quarantine in Lombardy will be placed “very significant” number of citizens. For these purposes, the regional authorities paniruyut to use a military hospital in Milan, and dead hospitals and hotels.

The official admits that in the whole country the number would “probably already exceeded a hundred.”

According to media reports, in addition to Lombardy focus of infection identified also in the neighboring region? Veneto, where infected 17 people. Also cases of infection identified in Emilia-Romagna (two) and the Piedmont (one).

Earlier on Saturday, February 22 in Rome held an emergency Cabinet meeting, which adopted a decree on measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. So, people living in regions where an outbreak of disease, forbidden to leave their homes. Closed state and municipal institutions, museums, schools and other public places. Canceled entertainment and sporting events. At the same time for violation of the quarantine is subject to criminal punishment.