In Italy, lit the tallest tree in the world with a height of 750 metres. Video

В Италии зажгли самую высокую елку в мире высотой 750 метров. Видео

In the Italian commune of Gubbio (Umbria, Italy) hosted the annual ceremony of lighting the largest Christmas tree in the world, according to

A giant tree with a height of 750 meters and a width of 450 meters is a light installation on the southern slope of mount Ingino created from more than 700 neon lights connected by electrical cable with a length of about 20 meters. The top of the tree is decorated with Christmas star, changing color every 5 minutes.

Neon lit the Christmas tree on Gubbio 38 years, at the initiative of a group of volunteers. In 1991, she was listed in the Guinness Book of records as the largest Christmas tree in the world. In 2014, the Christmas tree lit personally Pope Francis.

This year the authors of the project offer to “adopt” a light on our Christmas tree and dedicate it to a loved one. All proceeds will be transferred in favour of the humanitarian Fund Save The Children.

Enjoy the unique Christmas tree until Jan.