In Italy say the Russian Soyuz vehicle as safe as possible

At the national space Agency (Agenzia Italiana Spaziale is) expressed confidence that the lives of the crew of the crashed spacecraft is not threatened.

В Италии считают российский «Союз» максимально безопасным кораблем

After the “Union” broke, not going into orbit, the capsule with the astronauts successfully undocked and landed in the Kazakh steppe.

Italy noted that only Russian “Soyuz” at the moment able to send astronauts into orbit and ensure their safe return home from the space station. It was created in the safest possible vehicle, the mission of which can be interrupted at any time, if necessary. Special attention the head of ASI Roberto Battiston is paid to the complexity of the return module with the astronauts and the free landing with a parachute. He concluded that in Italy say the Russian “Soyuz” structurally safe vehicle that can cope with any emergency situation.

Russia stops manned launches until they figure out what happened with the “Union”. Based on recent statements by Rogozin, the start of a new crew to the ISS rescheduled for the spring of 2019.

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