In Italy, the school bus driver set him on fire with the children

В Италии водитель школьного автобуса поджег его вместе с детьми

In the province of Cremona in Northern Italy, the 47-year-old driver Mar 20, stole a school bus with children and set it on fire. This was reported by news Agency ANSA.

In the vehicle were 51 children and several adults. The man ordered the teacher to tie the children’s hands, but one tied only to a few and made it easy enough that children could get out.

The attacker also took the students mobile phones, but a boy left the phone and he was able to call the police.

According to the local police chief, Luca de Marquis, a man shouted in the bus that “no one will survive”.

Upon the arrival of the police he doused the vehicle with binzin and set it on fire, then left the bus. Police managed to pull the students through the broken rear window and to detain the driver.

12 children and two adults were taken to the hospital with symptoms of smoke inhalation.

According to police, the man is a native of Senegal with criminal records Usain su, since 2004 he had Italian citizenship. The teacher who was with the children, said that the attacker is not the first time drove the bus with the students, and everybody knew him. As the words of children, the man expressed dissatisfaction with the migration policy of Italy, saying that “people are dying in the Mediterranean sea”.

Milan Prosecutor Francesco Greco called it a miracle that the children survived. According to Greco, the attacker admitted that his actions were intentional.