In Japan, tens of thousands of people protesting against US military base – 24 Channel

У Японії десятки тисяч людей протестують проти військової бази США - 24 Канал

In the City of Naha on Okinawa nearly 70 thousand people came out to protest against U.S. military base and against the government’s decision to postpone a military facility, which is based in the region.

It is reported by news Agency Xinhua.

It is noted that the proximity to the base of the air force corps city corps under the name of “Futenma” not satisfied local residents who constantly complain about the noise from a military airfield. Area residents also want the highest level of security in the region and therefore requires to remove the base.

However, the government of Japan believes that the best decision will not affect Japan-us Alliance will be moving the database to another area.

Before the protest action participants honored the memory of the former head of the Prefecture, Takeshi Onaga, who fought for the withdrawal of the base from the island. He died 8 Aug.


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