In Japan there was a railway station without entrance and exit

В Японии появилась железнодорожная станция без входа и выхода

The station is a small platform, which can only emerge from the train passengers.

In southern Japan, opened a train station without inlet and outlet, which operates solely as an observation deck. On Wednesday, April 10, reported the Daily Mail newspaper.

It is noted that the station is on the bridge and called Seiryu-Miharashi. It has neither the entrance nor the exit is a small platform, which can only released from the cars by passengers.

From this place the travelers can admire the picturesque views of the river Nishiki and the surrounding forest, and take a picture.

As writes the edition, the platform was opened a month ago and thanks to the social networks became a famous place.

Tourists who want to visit the places in advance to check the timetable, because the time of station operation is limited.