In Japan’s Parliament appeared completely paralyzed MPs

В парламенте Японии появились полностью парализованные депутаты

August 1, in the session of Parliament of Japan participated for the first time two newly elected Deputy with severe disabilities – 61-year-old Yasuhiko Funaho and 58-year-old, Eiko Kimura. According to BBC News, both confined to a wheelchair and almost completely paralyzed.

They went to the upper house of Parliament after the elections on July 21. Both are created in April, the party “Rave Shinsengumi”, which aims to challenge the establishment and established norms and to help those categories of citizens whose rights are infringed in a traditional society.

Have Fungo amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease. The disease has progressed since 2000, he is now paralyzed and can only speak via computer and with the help of an assistant. Kimura palsy since infancy, she now owns only the right hand. Both use the enlarged version of the wheelchair at the wheels and both need constant presence of assistants.

28 July in the Parliament building have started equipping their workplaces and infrastructure for access to the plenary hall. Their place in the hall identified in the back row near the exit, for this there dismantled extra chairs. They are equipped with power outlets for charging chairs and medical equipment, reported Kyodo News. In recent times the Parliament has adapted the place for a Deputy with impaired vision, so he could read documents in Braille, reminded the Agency. Ramps for wheelchair in the building was equipped in 1977, when the Parliament elected the 82-year-old politician, chained to a chair.

According to the government of Japan, the country now lives of 9.63 million people with disabilities.