In Kazakhstan because of the crash cancelled more than 100 flights of the company “Bek air”

В Казахстане из-за авиакатастрофы отменили более 100 рейсов компании "Бек Эйр"

In Kazakhstan from 27 to 31 December cancelled more than 100 flights of airline “Bek air”, due to the collapse of Fokker 100 aircraft. On 27 December the press service of the Ministry of industry and infrastructure development of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Facebook.

These flights were sold 9 157 tickets. The company is working to return their full value to passengers.

Airline “air Astana” and “Qazaq Air” is ready to accept passengers of cancelled flights if there are available seats on similar routes at a cost of previously purchased tickets for “Bek air”.

Air Astana has also introduced additional long-distance flights on December 28 and new year holidays. Close relatives of the affected passengers will be carried free of charge.

Press Secretary of the President of Kazakhstan Berik Uali stated that the country’s leader Kasym-Zhomart Tokayev announced on 28 December 2019 a day of national mourning.

On the morning of 27 December in Kazakhstan crashed the Fokker 100 aircraft of the airline Bek Air. After departure from the airport the plane, which was EN route Almaty – Nur-Sultan, lost altitude, struck a concrete fence, collided with a two-story building and landed near the residential sector.

All on Board the aircraft were 98 people, five crew members and 93 passengers. Among them, two citizens of Ukraine, one citizen of Kyrgyzstan citizen of China, and the rest – the citizens of Kazakhstan.

According to the interior Ministry, in a plane crash killed 12 people, injured 49. On the website of the Committee for emergency situations of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Kazakhstan published the list of victims, among them the commander of the aircraft Marat Muratbaev.

According to preliminary data, the crash could be due to a technical fault or pilot error.

Consul of Ukraine in Kazakhstan Ivan Almasi told the publication, “GORDON” that the lives of two Ukrainians who were on Board the aircraft, no danger.

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky in the letter Tokaev expressed his condolences to the families of the victims.