In Kenya, poachers killed two rare white giraffes

В Кении браконьеры убили двух редчайших белых жирафов

Near the nature reserve in the North-East of Kenya, the Rangers discovered the remains of two white giraffes – a female and her cub. Presumably, they died at the hands of poachers.

Animal advocates are very saddened by this event and say it is not yet clear, alive third white giraffe that lives in the Park, the last representative of this species on Earth.

Rare white giraffes in Kenya watched from 2017, when the video first came a female. Two years ago she had offspring, one after the other had two white kids. Kenyan scientists had hoped that over time, the family will expand and white giraffes will be more. Now that none of this will happen.

In addition to Kenya, the white giraffe seen in Tanzania and Ethiopia, however, and there they died at the hands of poachers. Scientific studies have shown that it is not an albino, but of particular mutations among animals – Racisme. It causes partial loss of pigmentation of the outer cover and is manifested in the formation of white spots. Laicism appears during embryonic development of the organism.

Over the last 30 years in Africa, the population of giraffes, according to the African wildlife Fund, decreased by 40% – now has a little less than 100,000. In Africa the meat of these animals eaten, and the hides are exported.