In Kerch stopped “the Gazelle” with illegal alcohol

В Керчи остановили «Газель» с нелегальным спиртом

Kerch police stopped the illegal transportation of alcohol products, the press service of the interior Ministry of the Republic of Crimea. Photo by press service of the MIA for the Republic of Crimea

During the monitoring of road safety at the transport crossing through the Kerch Strait by the traffic police OGIBDD UMVD of Russia in the city of Kerch was stopped car brand “Gazelle” under control of 37-the summer inhabitant of the Ryazan city.

In the car were plastic containers containing liquid with a smell of alcohol. In the study of the documents authorizing the transportation of these products, their authenticity was in doubt from the police.

In the course of verification activities by employees of the Department of economic security and counteraction of corruption UMVD of Russia across the Kerch it was found that the transport of alcohol products was carried out without a license. Vehicle and in-car products have been seized by investigators.

According to the judgment of the trafficking police seized alcohol products, totaling more than 3.4 litres of fortress of 95.2°C.

The investigative Department of UMVD of Russia across Kerch on the given fact criminal case on signs of the crime provided by part 1 of article 171.3 of the Criminal code of Russian Federation (manufacture, purchase (including import), supply (including export), storage, transportation and (or) retail sale of ethyl alcohol, alcoholic and alcohol-containing products without a license, if such license is mandatory, committed in large amount). The sanction of article provides for a maximum penalty of imprisonment for a term not exceeding three years.

As previously reported by the press service of the MIA for the Republic of Crimea, the owner of the car, 37-year-old resident of the city of Ryazan, the detection of illegal acts attempted to bribe the employee of Obypk UMVD of Russia across Kerch for the return of the seized vehicle. He was detained by police together with employees of FSB. On this fact the investigating authorities of a procedural decision.