In Kerch teenagers were preparing terrorist attacks with the bombings

В Керчи подростки готовили теракты со взрывами

In Kerch in the Crimea Anisimovna two teenagers were going to organize explosions in schools with the help of homemade bombs, reports “Channel 360”.

“The FSB in the city of Kerch prevented the preparation of terrorist acts in two educational establishments of the residents of Kerch”, – have informed in FSB.

Police searched the apartment where the teenagers live. There they found an improvised explosive device with striking elements. Components for bombs, young people bought on the Internet.

The “test “trial” explosive devices were carried out on Pets,” – noted in TSOs.

Of the FSB of Russia detained two suspects. In November of 2018 with one of the detainees was carried out preventive conversation, after their review in social networks, he approved committed by Roslyakova crime.

“But in spite of this, in the future he (the detained teenager – ed.) joined the online community of neo-Nazis, one of the participants which was previously Roslyakov,” – said the Agency.

Teenagers wanted to follow in the footsteps of Vladislav Roslyakov, which is October 17, 2018 shot people in Kerch Polytechnic College. A student came in the classroom and staged a massacre. The tragedy in Kerch occurred on 17 November 2018 According to investigators, 18-year-old College student Vladislav Roslyakov shot gun people at school also in the building the explosion occurred. The attack killed 21 people. He Roslyakov after committing the crime committed suicide.

В Керчи подростки готовили теракты со взрывами