In Kharkiv the dormitory the man was stabbed through the chest with scissors

В харьковском общежитии мужчине проткнули грудь ножницами

More than a year investigation and the court needed to leave the freedom of the offender.

In Kharkov for five-year term with a grace period of three years, sentenced a local resident, prutkovski stationery scissors chest neighbor in the Dorm.

The bloody drama unfolded in the kitchen of a hostel on a February night last year on home soil – after a trifling quarrel between the accused and a neighbor. The woman stood up her walked out of the room husband. Enraged by the intervention in the conflict Kharkov grabbed the scissors from the table and hit their opponents in the chest.

Thanks to the doctors life, the victim managed to save. He appeared in court for attempted murder, and was sentenced below the lower limit provided by article. Than such leniency from the panel of judges deserved the defendant is unknown.