In Kharkov developing peace movement

В Харькове развивается миротворческое движение

A seminar devoted to the International day of peacekeepers, was held June 19, in the memorial complex “Height of Marshal Konev”.

The event was held in the framework of the visiting session of the Kharkiv diplomatic club on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the resumption of the work of the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland in Kharkov and the International day of UN peacekeepers.

The seminar addressed the participants of peacekeeping missions in Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Sudan. As noted the coordinator of international youth programs the International Association “Soldiers of peace” (SPIA) Sergey Samoilov, many peacekeepers who have served, now they share their experience with the younger generation.

According to him, in Kharkov, is implementing a unique program “Young peacemaker”, which was presented at various international conferences, including at the Palais des Nations, Geneva (Switzerland). He said that in Kharkov created 56 units of young peacemakers of 15-20 people. Before wearing a blue beret, the student receives the status of a candidate shall actively assist the school administration, to pass the exam and write an essay about peacemaking. Then the young peacekeepers carry out various activities. For example, children participated in the collection of humanitarian aid to refugees from Donbas. Students also produce thematic Newspapers and conduct tours in English and Ukrainian languages in school museums dedicated to the peacekeepers and UN missions.

Such detachment can also obtain certificate international peacekeeping program “School of peace”. To do this, students need to send the organization an action plan for the year during the year to implement it and to send progress reports. “If the plan coincides with reports – receive a certificate. Children carry out activities for the protection of human rights on democratic values, etc. In 2019 from 132 schools applicants the certificate was received only 26”, – said Sergey Samoilov.

According to him, the shares of young peacemakers are supported by the Department of education of Kharkiv city Council.