In Kharkov four kids fell to the ground (video)

В Харькове четверо малышей провалились под землю (видео)

Sad meowing kittens. This sound is heard, children living in one of the houses of Kharkov. Meowing was heard from the basement, the animals could not get out. To help children have called rescuers. They rescued four kittens from the trap.

And such cases in Kharkiv happens not infrequently, have informed in Service of rescue of animals.

“If You fixed one of the basements and it is not in use, a very high probability that the doors and locks of rot, holes and there may fall a living creature,” – is written in the message.

To prevent such a situation did not arise, said the rescuers, citizens are required to make the basement a grid-netting. Through it the animals can’t get inside, and so will not be captured.