In Kharkov near the scene of an accident involving Zaitseva driver made a crazy drift (video)

В Харькове возле места ДТП с участием Зайцевой водитель устроил безумный дрифт (видео)

Astonished witnesses removed extreme driving video.

In the center of Kharkov, near the scene of a traffic accident involving Elena Zaitseva, the driver of the black BMW staged a crazy drift.

Video of the incident was filmed by witnesses, reports TSN.

The driver decided not to drive on empty ground, but simply on the roadway. Drifting at full speed, he nearly hit a few cars, which at that time was driving down the street. The drivers of oncoming cars barely had time to slow down, not to fly into an insane BMW. Miraculously there were no casualties.

Astonished witnesses removed extreme driving video. People are outraged, as nearby there was a deadly accident, the perpetrators of which was Elena Zaitsev and Gennady drones. Then killed six pedestrians, five were injured.

In the patrol police promised to comment on the latest incident, in particular, as will punish the driver. At the moment the police about that incident information is not available.