In Kharkov, the child broke his spine during a entertainment in trampoline complex

В Харькове ребенок сломал позвоночник во время развлечений в батутном комплексе

Kharkiv local Prosecutor’s office No. 4 was sent to the Moscow district court of Kharkiv indictment against the owner of a trampoline club in one of the shopping centers.

As told the head of the local Prosecutor’s office Vladimir Kupriyanov, 39-year-old man charged with negligence (part 1 of article 367 of the criminal code of Ukraine).

In early November, 2017 during the entertainment guy jumped off a trampoline into a pit of foam filler. Right behind him jumped another kid, who fell on the victim and seriously injured.

As it turned out during the investigation, at the time of the incident the duty officer of the visitors left the ride unattended without having explained the rules of safe behavior. Moreover, this work did not have the necessary qualifications, therefore the owner of the trampoline did not have the right to allow him to customer service.

If the fault of the owner of the trampoline club will be proven in court, to it threatens till 3 years of imprisonment.