In Kharkov, together with the Fund Granovsky launched the project of modernization of offices of “Ukrpochta”

В Харькове совместно с Фондом Грановского запущен проект модернизации отделений "Укрпочты"

In the Kharkiv offices of “Ukrposhta” will make large-scale repairs – planned replacement of furniture, installation of ramps or signs in Braille. The modernization project was launched in partnership with the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky, reports the Kharkov edition Between “Ukrposhta”, the city authorities and Fund Alexander Granovsky signed the Memorandum.

The company hopes that city Council will support her petition for granting of privileges on rent of premises. This will allow you to convert offices on savings. First and foremost, we are talking about four points of No. 23, 24, 107 and 108. In addition, the Foundation Alexander Granovsky will provide furniture, ramps, tactile stoppers and information boards in Braille.

The mayor of Kharkiv Gennady Kernes noted the importance of such decisions for vulnerable people, primarily seniors, who pay at post offices, utility services and receive a pension.

“Today we make a step towards those people who receive a pension, pay utility bills and use the services of “Ukrposhta”. And we decided to sign this Memorandum at the initiative of Alexander Granovsky,” – said Gennady Kernes.

At the same time, Alexander Granovsky noted that in the framework of the project the aim is to repair all the premises of post offices Kharkov.

“I hope that the Kharkiv citizens will feel on yourself all the changes we have made, and forget about the fact that “Ukrposhta” was in disrepair,” – said the people’s Deputy Alexander Granovsky.

The initiative Granovsky was supported by the head of “Ukrpochta” Igor Smelyansky. In his words, such projects Kharkov became one of the model of Ukrainian cities in the context of cooperation with the postal service.

“We have a lot of young mothers who are served, and, unfortunately, our offices were in decline. I am very grateful to the mayor and Alexander Granovsky that we found such a form of cooperation where the city helps with the rent, and because of this, the Kharkovites can get the appropriate level of service. Kharkov showed an example to the whole country,” said Smelyansky. By the way, the city currently has more than 100 offices “Ukrposhta”.

Earlier, Alexander Granovsky said it plans to implement in Kharkov several social initiatives.

В Харькове совместно с Фондом Грановского запущен проект модернизации отделений "Укрпочты"

В Харькове совместно с Фондом Грановского запущен проект модернизации отделений "Укрпочты"