In Kharkov want to implement additional transportation benefit

В Харькове хотят внедрить дополнительную транспортную льготу

The discount for journey in minibuses. This is necessary to provide the Kharkiv students. The petition to this request, the citizens sent to city hall.

“Children pay full price on a par with solvent and working adults. At the current price of travel is too expensive even for the middle class, not to mention the poor,” writes the petition Kharkov Olga.

The discount should be 50%, adds a citizen.

Recall that in Kharkiv there is a discount for journey in trams and trolleybuses. In urban overland passenger electric transport, the cost of a monthly ticket for one kind of transport (tram or trolley) is 15 UAH. two types (tram and trolleybus) – 20 UAH. This exemption is valid only for the academic year: from September 1 to June 30.

According to the materials: