In Kharkov want to make a discount on the subway fare

В Харькове хотят сделать скидку на проезд в метро

The passengers of Kharkiv subway appealed to the city mayor Gennadiy Kernes with the offer to make a discount for regular users of the metro. Related petition appeared on the website of the city Council.

“The increase in prices for travel in the subway caused a wave of indignation among the inhabitants of the city. Please support the establishment of a system of discounts for people who make 8 or more trips per week. For such people it is possible to introduce a 30% discount or to make every 10th ride free,” writes the citizen of Kharkiv Andrey Sushi.

However, special support of citizens does not enjoy the idea – today it was signed by about fifty users. If in three months the petition will have reached 5,000 votes, the city Council is obliged to consider it.

According to the materials: