In Kiev, a few streets left for days without water for repairs:

В Киеве несколько улиц остались на сутки без воды из-за ремонта: адреса

Water supply will be temporarily disabled on a number of streets in Kiev, due to repair large-scale damage on the network of cold water.

About it reported in a press-service KP “Kyivvodocanal.”

So, as of 16:30 March 20 a repair brigade of “Kyivvodocanal” working on localization and liquidation of damage on the network of cold water.

In this connection, temporarily shut off the water at such addresses:

  • kaysarova str, 2;
  • b-R. Romain Rolland, 4.

“Kyivvodocanal” stressed that the repair work will take up to one day.