In Kiev, a man staged a “show” on the roof with a bat and knives – all was on video

В Киеве мужчина устроил "шоу" на крыше с битой и ножами - все попало на видео

On the night of 17 August in Kiev inadequate man staged a “performance” with a bat and a knife on the roof of the Annex in the house on the Avenue of Science.

This was reported in Telegram-channel “Kiev today”.

The man, armed with a bat and a knife, climbed on the roof of the outbuilding and broke a window back there. On the roof he began to beat the bat all around, anyone not admitting and swearing.

On the scene called police. Only later, having turned away the attention of the inadequate, activists of the organization “VARTA Holosievo” were able to climb to the roof and twist man.

After the arrest of violent Kiev handed over to the medics.