In Kiev, a man threatened to blow up the Metro bridge, the composer died Skoryk. Most importantly for the day

В Киеве мужчина угрожал взорвать мост Метро, умер композитор Скорик. Главное за день

Incident on a bridge

The unknown man said that is on the Metro bridge in Kiev and going to put in action explosives. Patrol blocked off traffic on the bridge in both directions. Negotiations with the “miner” was led by the head of the Metropolitan police Andrey Krishchenko.

The malefactor was detained by fighters of special forces of KORD.

After detention it was found out that the package the man had a fake bomb, consisting of land, wires, cylinders and control panel. His requirements was chaotic, said Krishchenko.

New appointments in the Cabinet

The fraction of “servant of the people” nominated people’s Deputy Oleksandr Tkachenko for the vacant post of Minister of culture and information policy.

Also monopolista proposed to appoint Olga Stefanishina Deputy Prime Minister for European integration; Vadim pristayko, who now holds this post, may be appointed Ambassador to Britain.


Created in Ukraine to fight the coronavirus Fund has spent nearly half – 27 billion of the 65 billion this was announced by the Minister of Finance, Sergei Marchenko.

Camera and speed

At midnight in Kiev for the first time occurred on auto-commit violations of speed limits, the first offender was the driver of car Audi Q7.

Contracted Premier

The head of the government of Armenia Nikol Pashinyan announced that passed test positive for coronavirus.

Date reset

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin supported the proposal of the head of the Central election Commission of the Russian Federation Ella Pamfilova to hold a popular vote on the amendments to the Constitution 1 July. A plebiscite on the nullification of presidential terms, Putin did not take place in time due to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Did not Skoryk

On 82-m to year of life died a famous Ukrainian composer, Hero of Ukraine Myroslav Skoryk.