In Kiev, a seventh-grader at recess jumped out of the window of the school

В Киеве семиклассница на перемене выпрыгнула из окна школы

Wednesday, 23 October, on the prospect estate from the school’s window jumped a student of 7th class. The girl is now in hospital, reports the Department of communication of the police of Kiev.

About the incident, militiamen were told by the doctors. As it turned out the place of incident, at recess the teacher asked the children to leave the class and opened to ventilate the window, at the blackboard.

“And while the woman was distracted, one of the students suddenly dropped the briefcase and with a run jumped into the open window,” – said in the message.

The event is registered in the Magazine of the uniform accounting of statements and messages Solomenskiy police Department. The issue of entering data in the Unified register of pretrial investigations under article 120 (“Incitement to suicide”) of the criminal code of Ukraine.

As the correspondent of “112 Ukraine”, the girl jumped out of the window at the break after the fourth lesson. According to the acting Director of the school, the school was not anything that could cause such a reaction, because before the break, the seventh-grader received a “11” in chemistry class.

“A few girl classmates said that maybe the reason for such action was the problem in the family. However, it will find out a consequence. Parents refused to talk to the press,” said the reporter.

One of the classmates of the victim added that the girl came to school in a bad mood.

Earlier in one of the schools of the Chernihiv region, two Teens sprayed Mace.

В Киеве семиклассница на перемене выпрыгнула из окна школы

В Киеве семиклассница на перемене выпрыгнула из окна школы