In Kiev attacked journalists. Declared the plan “Interception”, – VIDEO

В Киеве напали на журналистов. Объявлен план "Перехват", - ВИДЕО

On the evening of 24 January in Kiev Vydubychi attacked the film crew of “Stop corruption”. About this Facebook said the journalist Roman Bocskai.

“Journalists, along with two rights activists, arrived at the point where they steal the sand. There they were met by armed young men, who ensured the passage of trucks with the loot of mineral resources. The bandits burst out of the face of the journalist, threw him on the snow and began to beat. There was gunfire and threats that the next time will kill you.

The car in which the activists brought journalists, chopped with an axe. In the literal sense. Broke the glass in the doors. The journalist knocked out tooth, the operator hematoma on the back of his head, blacking out.

One of the victims of the activists of the veteran regiment “Azov”, the participant of operations, has awards for participation in the ATO. Now the guys in the hospital. The attackers took the bag with documents and money one of the beaten and left. The police declared the plan-interception on the city of Kiev” – wrote Bochkala.

An investigative journalist reported that the Vydubychi is the largest in the capital point of illegal sand mining. Its annual volume of UAH 100 million. This land was leased to the company “Mostostroy”. The city Council tore it up at the last session of 2018 but sandy illegals?? continue to work.

Police in Kiev said that the damage qualified as “robbery” – part 2 of article 187 (robbery) of the Criminal code of Ukraine. One victim with injuries was taken to the hospital.

“At the scene works investigative team Holoseievski police Department, squads of patrol and special forces. According to victims, one of the vehicles, who after the attack left in the direction of the city, but subsequently returned to the fenced area. So the commandos went in there and found seven men, called the guards. They are all taken to the police Department for questioning”, – militiamen report.

В Киеве напали на журналистов. Объявлен план "Перехват", - ВИДЕО