In Kiev bikers want to ban driving at night: to prevent the capital’s motorcyclists

В Киеве байкерам хотят запретить ездить по ночам: кому помешали столичные мотоциклисты

Loud exhaust, like nothing else emphasizes the power of the vehicle. Laying the ears sound coming from the muffler of a car is often a revision, which the owner establishes consciously. Motorcycle as the situation is different. Loud already they descend from the factory conveyor belt, and there’s nothing you can do.

Residents of large cities, especially those whose homes are located near big avenues with good road surface, regularly experience noise that exceeds all moral norms and levels of decibels. The reason for this is the exhaust system of high-speed motorcycle engines. If the day they are not particularly pay attention, that warm summer evening when the apartments are open for ventilation, bikers are often “solved” because awakened in the sleeping areas of children. It is reported by Auto Informant. The people of Kiev decided that such ride through the city need to finish, and created a petition on the website of the KSCA.

The petition suggests a ban on riding two-wheeled transport in the period from 23:00 to 7:00 am. It is argued that the bikers driving around the streets of the capital, interfere with the sleep of young children, the elderly and sick people. In addition, the report says about the danger to which they expose themselves and others, not observing the speed limit.

The petition must gain 10,000 votes, after which she will be able to go for consideration by the authorities. Also, citizens demand that the violators of this order would be fined. In their view, this sanction may significantly replenish the budget.