In Kiev clashes with police over the construction of a bridge to troieschyna. What is known

В Киеве стычки с полицией из-за строительства моста на Троещину. Что известно

The cottagers came into conflict with police officers

On Rusanivsky gardens for almost a week, the confrontation of local residents and the police. Dozens of police, including commandos, are trying to pave the way for technology, which involved the construction of Podolsky bridge in the nation – the bridge to troieschyna. RBC-Ukraine was apprised of the situation. What they say in the KSCA?

Representatives of the city authorities claim that the group of activists of public organization “rusanivsky array” acting in their own interests. They say that the locals disregard the interests of Kiev, opposing the construction of the bridge.

Deputy Director of construction enterprise “Directorate of construction of road facilities in Kiev” Alexander Scolnik told RBK-Ukraine that the building of the Central Garden, which is blocked by the activists, belongs to the motorway of regional importance. Accordingly, it is not private property and heavy equipment can move in this direction.

“Between residents Rusanovsky gardens and the construction of the customer was signed the Memorandum on cooperation, according to which residents Rusanovsky gardens Zobov will not interfere with the construction of Podolsky bridge. To date, double-patching of these streets after the first passage of vehicles moving in the direction Ob of the construction. And after the second passage of traffic on the street of Central Garden were blocked by the protesters,” – said the official.

In addition, activists are demanding that Podolsky bridge crossing has been designed based on their requirements. Some suggestions that may make the project documentation were taken into account.

“Activists do not fulfill the legitimate demands of the customer regarding the execution of the provisions of the Memorandum.

Using the tools of resistance to the construction of Podolsky bridge, activists are attracted to such strikes women and children, which can be dangerous,” – said Scolnik. What do activists say?

The main message I try to convey the protesters – people are not against the bridge to troieschyna, the people against the Congress from the bridge on main street Rusanivsky gardens. The bridge project, in the Central Garden should go one of the conventions, another Congress plan to build on the tract Gorbachiha. Gardeners say: build a bridge, slides on Gardens should not be built.

Local residents also require that construction equipment was moved to a specially created driveway, not a Central Garden which they held. Before the technique went through Trukhanov island, but at the city level, the decision was made to limit the movement of freight transport on the island.

According to gardeners, the local government has no right to dispose of this way, because they disown it when it came to repairs. And since the mayor of Kiev is planning to finish the bridge before the end of this year, it is necessary that construction machinery was sent to the Central Garden almost around the clock. What did the police say?

The police of Kiev events on Rusanivsky gardens has not yet commented. In comments to RBC-Ukraine, the press service of the Metropolitan police promised to provide explanations and details later.

В Киеве стычки с полицией из-за строительства моста на Троещину. Что известно

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