In Kiev, died on 6-year-old boy, who brutally beat godfather and threw it out the window

В Киеве умер 6-летний мальчик, которого жестоко избил крестный и выбросил из окна

The case is already reclassified for the murder of a child.

In Kiev after a series of complex operations died 6-the summer boy. The day before he was brutally beaten by the godfather. The doctors fought for the life of the child, but were unable to save him.

The Prosecutor’s office reclassified the case of the brutal beating of a 6-year-old boy to his godfather, said the press-Secretary of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s office Nadezhda maximes in Facebook.

According to her, against men opened a criminal case under the article 115 “deliberate murder of the juvenile child”.

“There are not enough words to describe this crime. The child held a series of complex operations. Unfortunately, despite the efforts of doctors, the boy died. The monster, who was detained at the scene, was taken into custody,” said the maximes.

Previously since the child is already declared suspicion. At the request of the Prosecutor, he was selected uncontested as a measure of restraint in form of detention.

Law enforcement officers found in one of the rooms traces of blood. Finally one of the participants admitted drinking that Sirius went into the baby’s room, and made his godson already beaten and unconscious. Militiamen are also interested in a mother and child. 41-year-old from Kiev has one 9-year-old son. The woman was repeatedly prosecuted for being sloppy fulfilled parental responsibilities. Children temporarily seized.

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